Fighting Fitness

Unleashed Fighting Fitness is a specialized, full body workout regimen based on proven fundamentals used to train professional fighters and elite soldiers, without the physical contact. The regimen features a different 30 minute circuit everyday that incorporates a variety of equipment and exercises to ensure you’re constantly challenged, never bored, and always maximizing your metabolism’s potential.

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24/7 GRIT

24/7 GRIT Fitness is a multi functional training facility, accessible 24hrs, 365 days a year. The facility houses a 2700ft² weight room, complete with selectorized equipment designed for full body resistance training, squat racks, free weights and a variety of cardio equipment. The weight training area is specifically designed to be inviting to novices, as well as challenging for more experienced individuals.

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Fuel Your Body

Along with physical fitness, good nutrition builds the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. We set up our members to achieve the best results possible, which includes nutritional education and planning.

Members interested in utilizing our nutrition system receive free education, coaching, and 24/7 support. We’re proud to be professionally associated with several of North America’s leading sports nutritionists, high performance sports coaches, and world recognized nutrition research scientists.

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