Mike Wehrstedt

“After my professional hockey career ended I took a break from working out. Once I wanted to get back into shape for my own well being I tried a couple different styles of athletic facilities. Nothing out there compares to Unleashed Fighting Fitness in my mind! If you want a high-intensity full body workout, great atmosphere, and unbelievable staff to help you along your journey”

Jolanta Mykietyn

“On April 1, 2017 I made the decision to stop by Unleashed Fighting Fitness on my way home from work and signed up that day. At the time I was looking for an outlet to channel the stress I was facing. I would soon come to discover that Unleashed Fighting Fitness did not only create positive self-care skills, but also helped me develop healthy nutrition habits, gain confidence inside and out, increase my physical strength, and allowed me to be surrounded by powerful and supportive individuals. Unleashed Fighting Fitness is not just a gym, it’s a family.”

Yoli Figueroa

“I started going to Unleashed in the fall of 2014…I would try to go to the gym at least 3 times a week and tried a number of diets along the way. I noticed that I was committed to the workout but not necessarily to the food I was eating. I reached out and asked about the 16 week challenge…and so my journey began. As I was going through the process, I realized it was not all about the weight, it was about my mental state, my food and drink choices, and the way I looked at exercising. I have felt supported and motivated all the way through this journey. The Unleashed staff have been amazing, pushing me every day to be better and to let go of my limitations.”

Joe Curciarello

“I have been working out at Unleashed Fighting Fitness for the past 3 years. I initially joined because my own workouts were becoming very repetitive and stagnant, and Unleashed offered a more challenging and higher intensity workout. Each workout during the week is different and focuses on core, strength and endurance. I love the fact that they fit into my busy schedule and are only 30 minutes long. The trainers are friendly, tough, and motivating. I definitely feel stronger than I did before I joined.”